McNair Electric is a family-run business.

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Commercial Wiring

We understand the differing demands of a commercial job and just how important it is to keep your business operating smoothly while maintaining your electrical equipment. An electrical malfunction could be costly to your business, our large fleet of vehicles ensures that we can get someone servicing your retail space promptly to get systems up and running. We have experience providing long-term service to high-profile businesses in Muskoka that remain operational throughout repairs. At McNair Electric we listen to your concerns and work with you to ensure all tasks are completed to surpass expectations.

Electrical Safety Authority Certified

McNair Electric is certified by the Electrical Safety Authority. This certification ensures we maintain a low defect rate and that all jobs are completed safely. We are also a member of the A.C.P. (Authorized Contractor Program), which provides recognition for work adhering to the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.

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Chuck Mcnair Electric Utility Pole

Pole Line Construction

Whether it’s putting up hydro pole lines on islands, or running underground wiring, we’ve got you covered. McNair Electric is fully qualified in private primary and secondary pole line work. We will provide the vital link from the main power grid to your cottage or home, regardless of its rugged location. As per code, all branches and trees surrounding hydro lines must be cleared before the line can be connected.