Home automation systems provide centralized control of lighting, heating, ventilation, appliances, security and safety systems, shading, entertainment systems, music, and all your electronic devices.

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The future in your home

A Vantage system can add simplicity to your home or cottage, turning multiple complex controls into one easy system controlled from your personal handheld device. More and more new builds are incorporating live-feed camera operation and making multiple operations controllable from any location at any time. Mitchell Mcnair is our automation whiz, bringing in next-generation ideas and technology to custom design your unique cottage experience.

Connect your devices

Home automation is the integration of multiple electronic devices, allowing for complete control of your home from remote locations. Home automation systems are increasingly popular as the number of controllable features and devices in the home grows. These systems allow interconnection and communication between all your devices, creating a more efficient home system.

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Reduce energy consumption

Imagine the ability to control the lighting, temperature and music in your home, all with just the touch of one button. Priding themselves on the reliability and elegance of all their products, Vantage provides the latest technology in home automation. With reliability and elegance in all their products. Installing a Vantage system in your home or cottage reduces energy consumption and brings greater convenience to your life, leaving you more time for the important things.